Epson Printers, Maintenance & Repairs

When your printer is new, it is usually covered under a manufacturer service warranty.  As your printer gets older, you should have some periodic maintenance work performed on it to keep it printing , cleaning it and preventing down-time maintenance & repair issues.  Digital 2 You offers current and extended manufacturer warranties , as well as third party service agreements on all of the digital imaging equipment that we sell & represent.  Contacting the manufacturer when your printer is down is costly and time consuming.  Sometimes , you have to take your printers in to factory authorized service centers for repairs.  This can also be quite costly.  In certain cases,  we offer on site repairs on Epson Pro Graphics Printers to better assist you.  We can also arrange preventative maintenance on site for you, too!  Please contact us for your maintenance, warranty, service and repair needs, we can help in many ways…..


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  1. thanks for the information, it’s very usefull

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